What would occur if you happen to stopped brushing your tooth however ate extra healthfully?

 Experimentally, when research contributors cease brushing their tooth, plaque begins to construct up and, inside a number of days, their gums begin to get infected. Although nothing could also be seen simply but, if you happen to take a biopsy on the gum line, you possibly can see the irritation starting to unfold. Inside a number of weeks, overt gingivitis turns into obvious with gums that may get purple and swollen and bleed simply. If you happen to don’t do something about it, you possibly can develop periodontal illness, the place the irritation creeps down into the supporting constructions of the tooth—the bone and ligaments—setting you up for tooth loss.

How did we get alongside for hundreds of thousands of years with out brushing our tooth? “Dental illness is sort of common” today, however skulls from hundreds of years earlier than the invention of the toothbrush have excellent tooth. Admittedly, that was additionally hundreds of years earlier than the invention of sweet bars. Does meals play a task? You don’t know…till you set it to the take a look at, as I focus on in my video Finest Meals for Periodontal Illness and Gingivitis.

How do you get folks to cease brushing their tooth and likewise cease consuming processed junk? Researchers designed a research the place contributors have been pressured to stay below Stone Age situations with out “toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, toothpicks, or different oral hygiene merchandise” for a month, and “safety guards ensured that every one topics maintained the suitable way of life for Stone Age people.” They may use a twig or different pure materials to attempt to clear their tooth, however have been just about on their very own. (The contributors didn’t get any sweet bars both.) The researchers have been trying to duplicate the food regimen from about 4000 BCE, so the topics acquired quite a lot of entire grains with supplemental “salt, herbs, honey, milk, and meat from home animals (goats and hens),” and have been allowed to select berries or see what they may catch. What occurred?

With no oral hygiene, their plaque constructed up, as you possibly can see within the graph beneath and at 1:53 in my video, however their gums acquired more healthy, as measured by bleeding on probing. (Gums bleeding when poked with a dental instrument is a measure of gingivitis.) In virtually each case, the contributors’ gum well being improved. How is it doable that their gums have been really more healthy regardless of buildup of plaque? Most of the extra disease-causing micro organism appeared to have disappeared from their mouths. The researchers steered this might be from the dearth of refined sugars, however the contributors have been consuming honey, so that they weren’t on a sugar-free food regimen. They have been, nonetheless, consuming quite a lot of entire grains and berries wealthy in antioxidant phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory properties. So, perhaps it was restricted sugar consumption mixed with the consumption of actually wholesome meals. Thus, all of these experimental research the place folks cease brushing their tooth and their gums inevitably get infected “might solely be relevant if the topics keep a Western food regimen wealthy in sugar and low in anti-inflammatory meals,” similar to entire plant meals.

What concerning the position of vitamin in periodontal well being? Gingivitis can result in periodontitis, an inflammatory illness of the supporting tissues of the tooth, which, if left untreated, can result in the progressive lack of the bone that holds our tooth in place. A part of the event of periodontal illness might contain oxidative stress, so not solely do we have to scale back our consumption of pro-inflammatory meals, similar to refined carbohydrates and saturated fat, however it could additionally assist if we search out meals which are antioxidant-rich.

Is there an affiliation between periodontitis and dietary vitamin C consumption? Apparently so, as you possibly can see within the graph beneath and at 3:34 in my video. Elevated threat of periodontitis has been related to decrease ranges of vitamin C consumption. What impact may vitamin C depletion and supplementation have on periodontal well being? Researchers offered managed quantities of vitamin C to review contributors for 3 months and located that measures of gum irritation have been instantly associated to the topics’ vitamin C standing. On about one orange’s price of vitamin C a day, their gums improved; down round solely 5 mg a day, although, their gums acquired worse. On ten oranges’ price of vitamin C a day, they acquired higher after which worse as soon as once more when the vitamin C stage dropped down to 5 oranges’ price, as you possibly can see  within the graph beneath and at 4:01 in my video. The research was fairly convincing, although 5 mg a day is down at scurvy stage. We all know our gums begin bleeding and our tooth can fall out if we now have scurvy, however that doesn’t imply taking further vitamin C helps.


Certainly, 1,500 mg of vitamin C a day didn’t appear to assist stop gingivitis and even 2,000 mg a day failed to assist periodontitis victims. Is it doable that vitamin C is simply too weak an antioxidant? What about lycopene, the highly effective antioxidant pigment that makes tomatoes purple? Lycopene labored! However that was from injecting it instantly into the gum pocket with a syringe. Does it nonetheless work if you happen to merely eat it?

A randomized, placebo-controlled, medical trial investigated the efficacy of lycopene within the therapy of gingivitis. After two weeks of normal dental therapy with both a single each day tomato’s price of lycopene or placebo, the placebo group had a ten to twenty % discount in gingivitis, however the lycopene group had a virtually 30 % enchancment inside only one week. How a lot lycopene? The quantity present in only one and a half teaspoons of tomato paste a day. So, tomatoes might assist with gingivitis, however what about periodontitis?

One other randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial once more handled topics with a typical dental cleansing plus both one each day tomato’s price of lycopene or a placebo for 2 months. Researchers discovered important enhancements within the lycopene group in plaque, gingivitis, and bleeding, although not probe pocket depth and medical attachment. You’ll be able to see the distinction in how significantly better their gums appeared as you possibly can see beneath and at 5:59 in my video. The researchers concluded that “supplementation with lycopene appears to have augmented the therapeutic sequence of infected gingival tissues,” however that was with a complete tomato’s price a day. How about half a tomato’s price or simply three quarters of a teaspoon of tomato paste’s price of lycopene a day? Neither labored. There was no distinction. It seems like you need to go the entire tomato.

It ought to come as no shock that wholesome meals can profit all elements of the physique, however I nonetheless like to see the info!

I discuss extra concerning the purple pigment in tomatoes in Lycopene Dietary supplements vs. Prostate Most cancers and Tomato Sauce vs. Prostate Most cancers.

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